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YOGA FOR HANDSTAND : Strenghten your arms, work your core, challenge your balance, do a handstand.

From top left, line by line :

  • plank pose - chaturanga - upward facing dog - side plank
  • forearm plank - side forearm plank - bridge pose variation - upward plank pose
  • crow pose prep ( one leg up, hold for a few breaths) - modified side plank - half moon pose - extended cat pose

Preparing for inversions, getting used to be upside down :

  • downward facing dog - dolphin pose ( preparing for forearm stand) - headstand prep ( lift one leg, hold, and eventually lift both legs to get into a headstand) - standing straddle pose ( preparing for tripod headstand)
  • handstand prep - your success at doing a handstand

> Practice inversions against a wall, be careful !

Once you are comfortable in a headstand ( against a wall or not), move to forearm stand, and then practice handstand against the wall.

Tuto for handstand , click buddy, click !